The Beginning

We are finally ready beginning our journey.  The RV has been modified and upgraded.  Our new mailing address has been set up.  Pretty much everything has been sold.  Met friends and said goodbyes.  We are currently staying in the driveway of a friend’s house while I finish my last week of work where I am training my replacement.  Our official leave date is Monday October 14th.  I will need to drop by work to complete my paperwork and then we are off!

From Sacramento we will take the Pacific Coast Highway to Pismo beach where I have reserved a couple nights at a campground for $25 a night.  Then Santa Barbara for a night before hitting Venice Beach on Thursday the 17th.  On Saturday we will go to a Faery show and Halloween Party at Griffith Park and on Monday we are hitting Disneyland!  Then Tuesday we are off to Las Vegas for a few days before heading for a National Parks loop of Bryce, Zion, Grand Escalante, then Moab and Arches before looping back down to Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon.  From there we will go to Sedona, Phoenix, Quartzite, Tombstone before going on to Texas where we will visit White Sands National Park and Carlsbad Canyon.

There at EL Paso Texas we will register our vehicle, get Texas driver’s licenses and register to vote.  From there we will have to decide to go on to Livingston, TX where we have our mailing address or go to Mexico or hang out in the US for a bit longer.  I will have my company health insurance until the end of November so we have to leave the US by then but nothing is stopping us from leaving sooner.






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