Oct 20, Day Off

October 20, 2019 Sunday was a lazy day to do chores.  We got up late and I did some maintenance on the RV like cleaning the solar panels, Holly took Olivia swimming while I caught up on my writing.  In the spot across the street from us we Jill who was travelling alone in a Pleasure Way class B RV and we invited her to dinner.  Holly wanted to go to a Hot Pot restaurant chain that she had tried in China called Haidilao.  Apparently in China this restaurant, has robot carts to bring food, free daycare for kids and pedicures while you are waiting.  However when we called the restaurant in Los Angeles we found it was about $50 per person and no robot carts, daycare or pedicures.  Instead, we went to the Top One Buffet and Grill which had a pretty decent Chinese Buffet for $15 per adult.






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