Oct 20, Day Off

October 18, 2019

After the stress of the previous day and with nothing planned for the day we had a lazy morning.  We went down to the free breakfast and Olivia as usual was delighted by the pancake machine they have at all Holiday Inn Express’s.  I enjoyed the bacon, sausage and omelets smothered in sausage gravy.  We were also able to take some muffins and fruit to go.

After breakfast Olivia and I went swimming the very small hotel pool which had a maximum depth of 3 ½ feet which was perfect for little kids.  Meanwhile Holly worked on her journal.  We were able to get late check out so we left the hotel around noon.  We were going to a faery hunt the next day so we had to find a faery costume for Olivia.  We tried a couple of thrift stores but came up empty.  Eventually we went to a Westfield Mall where we had a light lunch in the RV and did some homeschooling.  I took the opportunity to do some quick troubleshooting on the back up camera but could not fix it easily.  I also took the opportunity to book us a spot at the Walnut RV Park for the night at $75.

We then went into the mall and found a great costume for Olivia at Target after which we let Olivia play in mall play area for an hour.  By then it was dinner and we went to the nearest Olive Garden where we used our Pasta Passes again.  I think by the time we are done the Pasta Passes will have saved us several hundred dollars.  After dinner we went to the Walnut RV Park.  It seemed like a decent RV Park but as we arrived late all we did was park and go to sleep.






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