Oct 22, Drive to Las Vegas.

October 22, 2019

We planned on going to Las Vegas today and had a cheap hotel room at the Holiday Inn Vacation club waiting for us courtesy of a Timeshare presentation.  Normally $180 a night we got 3 nights for about $100 total for a one bedroom condo. 

Before making the long drive I did some maintenance such as checking the oil and transmission fluid, tire pressure, dumping sewage and adding water.  By the time all this was done, it was our check out time of 11:00 AM. 

Holly wanted to do a blood test of Olivia’s vitamin D levels since Holly has low vitamin D.  She had arranged with the Kaiser doctor to order the test before we left Sacramento but never got around to taking Olivia to actually do the test.  Kaiser does not have any facilities in Nevada or the other states we were going to so this was the last chance to get the test done.  I figured it would be a quick 30 minute stop at the nearest Kaiser hospital then we would have a relaxing 4 hour drive to Las Vegas and with a couple stops along the way we would be there for a late dinner.

It turned out though that Kaiser Northern California and Kaiser Southern California didn’t talk to each other. We stayed at the hospital for four and a half hours as Holly tried to get test transferred to Kaiser Southern California but ultimately could not get it done.  We did not leave the Kaiser Hospital until 4:30 P.M. by which time our four hour drive had turned into a five hour drive with the budding evening rush hour traffic.  We got the Las Vegas exhausted around 10:30 and immediately crashed. 

We did note that the condo was quite nice, a one bedroom with a king bed and fold out queen sized sofa bed in the living room.  It also had a fully equipped kitchen and decent bathroom with a soaking tub.







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