Oct 23, Lazy Day in Vegas

October 23, 2019

After the stress of the day before we decided to take an easy day and just stay at the condo.  We were staying at the Holiday Inn Vacation Resort in Las Vegas which as a timeshare property.  We love timeshares.  Well, not exactly timeshares themselves but the free stuff we get when we go to timeshare presentations.  In this case, free or low cost accommodations.  In returning to giving them two hours to try to sell us a timeshare we got 3 nights hotel in Las Vegas.  The free nights would have been in a standard hotel room but I paid $80 to upgrade us to a one bedroom Condo that included a living room with a fold out couch and a full kitchen.  I had to pay $199 when I agreed to go to the presentation which would be refunded to me when I actually showed up to the sales pitch.  I had to pay taxes of about $37 so my total cost for three nights was $117.  A quick search of the internet showed that the room went for about $180 a night before taxes.  I think it is well worth two hours of our time to save almost $500. We have been to many timeshare presentations and we have gotten Luau’s in Maui, free hotel and Disneyland tickets, snorkeling trips, show tickets and more for going to timeshare presentations.  Of course the key is to say NO.  I have never been to a timeshare presentation that made economic sense.

One of five pools at the Holiday Inn Vacation Club in Vegas

Anyway, we slept in, watched some TV, Holly made a late brunch then I took Olivia to the pool while Holly walked to a nearby supermarket to get dinner fixings.  As usual she had a great time at the pool and afterwards we went to the activity center where we played Mario Kart on the Wii and then played the some carpet bowling.  The activity center had a very nice activity coordinator who organized activities all day long.

By then it was time for dinner after which we did some homework and before we knew it time for bed!






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