Oct 27, Leaving Las Vegas

October 27, 2019

Somehow we manage to sleep late every morning and between getting ready and eating breakfast we didn’t leave the RV park until 11:00 AM.  We went to the Ranch 99 supermarket.  Ranch 99 is a chain of Asian supermarkets and we knew that any further East of Las Vegas we would have a more difficult time of finding Asian groceries so we wanted to stock up before we left.  We had lunch there and Holly filled us up with groceries.

We then went to the famous Las Vegas sign to grab a few quick pictures before having a quick stop at The Little Church of the West where Holly and I got married 12 years ago.  We considered staying another day but were eager to get on with our trip so we headed out of Vegas on I15 north on our way to Zion Canyon. 

Olivia posing at the Las Vegas Sign
Olivia and her new ride
Little Church of the West were Holly and I were married 12 years ago!

It was a very windy day and we were rocking and rolling so it was slow going.  I was excited despite the difficult driving because we were finally going to a brand new place we had never gone before, driving unfamiliar roads and seeing new sights.   We passed briefly into Arizona before going into Utah.  Once we were in Utah we noticed a dramatic change in the landscape going from standard western scrub desert to dramatic cliffs and mesas showing colorful strata in the earth.

We reached the city of St. George, Utah around 6:00 PM and I had enough of driving in the heavy wind.  We found a Cracker Barrel with free RV parking and we closed up for the night before making dinner, doing schooling and going to bed.






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