October 24 Caesar’s Bacchanal

October 24, 2019

Our timeshare presentation was at a rather inconvenient time of 12:00 PM so we just had brunch in the Condo and lazed around until it was time to go.  We checked in and for the next two hours a nice saleslady tried to get us to give her tens of thousands of dollars upfront and commit to giving her thousands of dollars a year more in perpetuity so we could spend a few weeks a year at their resort.  As a bonus, we could also commit our child to giving them thousands of dollars a year in perpetuity once we die.  We politely declined and got my $200 back.

The resort is conveniently close to the strip so we walked 15 minutes to the High Roller ferris wheel which was suitably large although at twenty something dollars a person to ride we did not indulge. Instead we enjoyed the free Las Vegas entertainments such as looking at the canals at the Venetian Hotel while visiting the many candy stores there, seeing Mickey Mouse and Goofy walking on the strip and generally absorbing the unique Las Vegas Strip ambiance. 

Around 5 we went to our big Las Vegas splurge and went to the Bacchanal Buffett at Caesar’s Palace.  It is generally considered one of the best if not the best buffet in Las Vegas and boasts the most items offered at over 500 different dishes.  We waited over an hour and a half to get in and at $55 per adult and $26 per child it had a premium price.  Unfortunately, the premium price did not come with premium food and we were disappointed.

There was an impressive array of food options with everything from seafood to a carving station, to made to order Mexican street tacos to freshly made noodle station to Japanese and Chinese food.  However while there was a vast array of cuisines the options in each cuisine was limited and not of the expected highest quality.  There were crab legs which were pre-cut or notched to make for easier eating but they were snow crab legs and not King Crab. 

There were oyster shots but no regular oysters, raw or cooked.

Oyster Shots, but no oysters

There was sushi and poke but no sashimi.

Sushi but no Sashimi, really not much different from cheap Sushi buffet

 The freshly made street taco station just had beef, chicken and pork options.  There was salmon on a cedar plank but no sea bass.  There was a cheese and meat section but it was small and just had regular cheese and deli meats, no premium things like smoked salmon or fancy ham.

Standard meat and cheese selection

As for lobster, it could only be found in the lobster bisque. There was a decent selection of desserts, but nothing special or fancy like a chocolate fountain or make your own cotton candy. The décor of the restaurant was fancy but a little dark. Individually speaking, if you were to go to a Japanese buffet, Chinese buffet or seafood buffet you would find better food at a regular $35 buffet. All in all the Bacchanal Buffet seemed like a good buffet sabotaged by cost cutting accountants.

Dining room or cafeteria?

After dinner, we went to see the free Atlantis show at Caesar’s but it broke.  However not all was lost as Holly found an expensive $170 raincoat she loved at Lulumon.  Uhm.. on the other hand..  Oh well there went our show budget so we went to see the volcano erupt at the Mirage before going back to the hotel.







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