Oct 31, Bryce Canyon and Kanab part 2

It was freezing again, a brisk 24 degrees below freezing, no water but we had taken the precaution of filling several cups of water on the counter, which was usable since we had the heat on all night.  We were able to get going by 9 AM, which was early for us, and it was a short 20 minute drive to Bryce Canyon.  Once again we breezed in with our National Parks pass, no lines, no people.  It was a beautiful cold clear morning as we followed the Gypsy Guide advice and drove straight to Rainbow Point Viewpoint and our first views of Bryce Canyon was magnificent with clear, sweeping vistas of Bryce and the surrounding Grand Staircase.  Freezing cold prevented any lingering enjoyment but it was a grand view. 

Holly loved the views at Bryce Canyon

Next we stopped at Natural Bridge, a large arch that was very large and grand. 

Then Farview point where it was so clear we could see Arizona over 160 miles away. 

After that back to Bryce Point where we saw the famous amphitheater.

We took a break to go to the Bryce Lodge to go to the bathroom and make lunch in the RV before hitting Inspiration point and sunset point.  Both viewpoints offered stunning close up views of the famous Hoodoos

Holly on one of the famous Bryce Hoodoo

As we headed for the exit at Bryce we were faced with a dilemma.  My original plan had us going up towards Arches National Park.  However, I had two problems, first the freezing cold.  Holly hates the cold and I was not sure how well our RV was going to handle repeated freezes.  It was also putting a major damper on enjoying the outdoors although lack of people was very nice.  It was just hard enjoying all that natural scenic beauty when your eyeballs were frosting over.  Second, it was Halloween and pretty much all the towns on the way to Moab were tiny places of less than 1500 people, not very likely to have a lot of trick or treating opportunities for Olivia.  Olivia might not get an American style Halloween for the next few years and she was really looking to get a good haul of candy. 

We decided to skip Arches.  It would have cost us 800 miles and several days to go there and it was just too darn cold to be worth it.  Instead, we went back to Kanab, which was a decent sized town.  There we checked into the RV Corral for $40 a night.  We really needed to be somewhere since we had been boon docking and so not showered since Vegas so we really needed to clean up.  Back in Kanab we found out that they had a cute little trunk or treat event on Main street so we went to that and Olivia was able to get a good candy haul.

After trick or treating, we went back to the RV Corral, took some much needed showers and went to bed.






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