Nov 1, Antelope Canyon

Nov 1, 2019

We got up and left Kanab the second time and headed towards Antelope Canyon.  Between breakfast, dumping, adding water we didn’t leave Kanab until 11:00 and then promptly stopped for lunch.  We got to Antelope Canyon around 1:00.  Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon famous for its other-early swirling rocks.  The tours of the more popular (and more expensive) upper canyon were full so we just went down the road a bit to take a guided tour of the lower canyon.  You can only go into the canyon on a tour and at around $50 a person they are not cheap although Olivia was free. 

We were introduced to our rather morose native Navajo guide, Michelle and a short walk later we were going down into the canyon.  The canyon is only about 50 ft deep but it was quite beautiful with the swirling rocks carved by water erosion into interesting shapes.  It seemed the hour tour was a bit rushed and Michelle was kinda dialing it in with little commentary.  It was all stand here, take this picture, don’t climb the rocks, now move along before the next tour catches up to us.  There was definitely no lingering to take in the sights.

I found out that the City of Page, where Antelope Canyon was had a hot air balloon regatta the next morning and on impulse we decided make an easy day of it and spend the night.  We found a convenient Walmart and made dinner, did schoolwork and walked to the nearby McDonalds where Olivia put her new money counting skills to use by buying herself a McFlurry and counting out the exact amount of cash needed.  Hot air balloons always take off at dawn so we went to bed early in anticipation of needing to get up very early.






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