Nov 3, Hanging out with Dana

Nov 3, 2019

We slept in late and then went out with Dana for brunch.  After that we went to a local park for a little while before returning to the house for the afternoon.  After so long travelling we wanted to take an easy day so we just hung out at the house, did some schooling, Olivia played with Dana’s kids and did laundry. 

Our friend Dana had a huge yard for us to park our RV.

That night Dana’s mom made us cooked dinner for us.  She made some traditional Indian Fry bread and a mutton stew. I had eaten Fry bread before and it seems that every American Indian tribe makes it.  I had always thought that it was real Indian food but I found out from Dana’s mom that Fry Bread was actually basically forced upon the Indians by the US Government.  After being forced onto reservations where they could not hunt or eat their natural foods the US Government gave the Indians sugar, salt, flour and lard.  There the Native Americans used these ingredients to make Fry Bread.  Some American Indians consider it colonial food and call it “Die Bread” and considering the ingredients, it is obviously not very healthy. 

Dana’s mom made us fresh fry bread.

After dinner and clean up chatted a while and Dana told us about Meow Wolf, a strange attraction in Santa Fe.  I won’t try to explain it as it seems hard to describe and we haven’t been there yet so I suggest you just look it up on the internet.  It seemed interesting so we decided that instead of heading south and East to Texas along Interstate 10 we would go East and South to El Paso through Santa Fe and see this attraction.  We wanted to visit Sedona and another friend in Phoenix so we would go down and then back to Flagstaff before going to Santa Fe.






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