Nov 4, Arriving in Sedona

Nov 4, 2019

It was Monday so Dana and her husband were both working so in the morning we set out for Sedona.  We stopped at a local RV repair place to see if we could get some upgrades done but they were booked out for 3 weeks. We also stopped at a Chase bank to see if we could open an account but they did not have a banker immediately available either so that was a failure.  At least we were able to fill up gas for $2.69 a gallon.

The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona was only about an hour through the beautiful Oak Canyon and it was nice to see full trees and green forests after a few weeks of rocks and desert.  As soon as we got out of the Canyon and into Sedona we were back into rocks and desert.  We stopped at a convenient parking lot in upper Sedona and Holly did Chinese schooling with Olivia while I got out to walk around the small but cute upper Sedona area.  Just a few blocks long and lined with stores and expensive restaurants it was nice to take a little stroll in the warm sunshine. 

However, I was not just out strolling to enjoy the sunshine, I was looking for timeshare presentations.  I quickly found a number of timeshare presentation booths disguised as tour ticket booths.  They are quite easy to distinguish from a real tour booths by the ridiculously cheap tour prices advertised.  They will have a sign outside offering tours or tickets that normally cost over $100 for some silly low price of $20.  I zeroed in on a Hyatt booth.  After a talking to them a little bit I was able to get all three of us a helicopter tour and a Pink Jeep off road tour for $140.  I could have gotten either one for free but I wanted to do both so I paid a bit.  Regular price for the helicopter tour was over $100 per person and the Pink Jeep tour was $95 per person.  So instead of around $600 I only paid $140.  I figure that $460 is worth a couple hours of my time.  As a bonus, the salesperson told us we could park at the Hyatt for a couple nights.   SOLD! 

Street in Sedona

If you visit Sedona the first thing you should do is to book a timeshare presentation or two so you can do all those cool things for free or cheap.  They have a lot of flexibility  on what they provide so you can get what you want, whether it be a tour, attraction tickets, meals, ATV rentals, or even stays at the resort so bargain for what you want to do.

I set up our timeshare presentation for 9:00 AM the next morning, the Helicopter tour the next afternoon and the Jeep Tour for the day after.  We were in no rush and it was better to spread out the activities instead of trying to do too many things on the same day like we did when we left Page where we went to the Hot Air Balloon Regatta, Horseshoe Bend and the Grand Canyon all the in the same day.  Mission accomplished I went back to the RV where we had a late lunch before moving the RV into the Hyatt parking lot.  There Olivia decided she wanted to read her books and I had a nap while Holly went out for a walk.

Olivia reading in the RV

We had dinner in the RV and I took Olivia out for a walk and some Ice cream so that Holly could clean up.  Then we closed up the RV and went to bed.






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