Nov 8, Hot Pot

Nov 8, 2019

We were unable to hang out with Chris and Herman because we needed to be back in Flagstaff to meet Dana and her family to go to Santa Fe the next day.  However before we left Chris made us a delicious breakfast of bacon, pancakes, eggs and fruit. 

Chris made us a great breakfast!

We had a lot of driving the next couple of days as it was about four hours from Florence to Flagstaff and the next day another six hours from Flagstaff to Santa Fe.  I checked the tire pressure, we got gas at Costco, did a sewage dump and stopped by Chase bank to open some bank accounts.  Chase bank was offering $1,000 to open a high end bank account so we couldn’t pass that up and opened two, one each for Holly and I.  After that we went in search of a Ranch 99 supermarket, an Asian supermarket chain.  The Ranch 99 was out of business so we went to Mekong Plaza which was a Vietnamese Supermarket.  By this time it was dinnertime so we decided to get dinner first and we were hankering for some Chinese food.  Mekong Plaza had a large food court but when we saw that one of the restaurants had all you can eat hot pot for $25 a person we went for it.

MMMMM! Hot Pot

For those that don’t know hot pot is an Asian meal consisting of a pot of hot soup with a large number of small dishes of raw food like thinly sliced beef, pork or mutton, along with meatballs, vegetables, seafood and tofu.  You put the raw food into the soup to cook before eating.  Anyway we pigged out before doing our grocery shopping.  It was late by the time we were done but at least the rush hour was over and we managed to get back to Dana’s place by 11:30 pm.






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