Nov 10, Meow Wolf

Nov 10, 2019

We had tickets to Meow Wolf for 10:40 AM so it was a lazy morning.  Not that there was much of a choice considering Holly and Dana had both stayed up until 4 in the morning.  Of course, the kids had not stayed up that late so Olivia was up at her normal 8 ish. I was up at my normal time as well and took Olivia inside to play with Dana’s kids.  It is a good thing that the Meow Wolf is only 15 minutes drive away so we didn’t arrive to much after our ticket time.

Giant Wolf outside Meow Wolf
Fighting the giant spider outside Meow Wolf.

Housed in a rather non-descript building, it is hard to describe what Meow Wolf is.  Best I can describe it is an unusual fun house.  When you enter, it looks like a regular house but filled with secret doors and passageways leading to different environments.  You might go through a refrigerator find yourself in a futuristic space station or you might go into a closet that has a passage leading to a treehouse.   It was a highly imaginative and fun place to go and I would recommend it to anyone in the area.  I think it is one of the most favorite places Olivia has been so far and we spent the whole day there.

The refrigerator was actually a mysterious portal
Lovely forest insiden Meow Wolf
Olivia at the black and white room
Alien Lifeform
Lighted Prehistoric skeleton musical instrument.

I wish I had better words or pictures to show what Meow Wolf is like however there are some youtube videos people have made that do a much better job than me.

We parked the RV near the Meow Wolf and it looked like a good spot so we just decided to stay there for the night.  No driving home for us as home is where we park it.






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