Nov 11, Driving South

Nov 11, 2019

Woke up and checked the news and immediately saw the headline was a new arctic blast was coming and over 200 record low temperatures were expected for the next few days.  It was expected to be record lows all the way to Gulf Coast.  Although we would have liked to explore Santa Fe more this was our call to head south.  We took a quick drive around the Old Santa Fe Square where they were preparing for the Veteran’s day parade , made a quick stop in Albuquerque Costco for gas.  $2.24 per gallon, almost half California prices.  Saving a lot of money leaving California.

It was a very windy day and the RV was rocking and rolling so when we got to the town of Socorro I decided to stop for the day even though it was only 3 PM.  We found a nice Walmart and buttoned up, did schoolwork, made dinner and took it easy. Can’t be amazing every day.






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