Nov 12, The World’s Largest Pistachio!

Nov 12, 2019

We had been travelling very, very fast and wanted to slow down and chill for a while so we decided to go to Alamogordo, near the White Sands National Monument and near the site of the first atomic test.  It wasn’t very far, looked pretty cheap and had what should be a nice science and rocket museum.  We had a lazy morning at the Walmart and didn’t leave until after lunch.  A few hours drive and we were at Alamogordo where our first stop Pistachioland home to the world’s largest Pistachio. 

World’s Largest Pistachio!

After a bit of pistachio tasting and a quick picture we checked into the Boot Hill RV park, one of the more expensive RV parks in the area at $37 a night for two nights.  We really wanted to get a shower and Boot Hill did not disappoint.

Boot Hill was a resort more in name than in reality.






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