Nov 13, Relaxing in Alamagordo

Nov 13, 2019

We wanted to take it easy so we didn’t do much, slept in late and spent the day at the local library where we discovered that we were able to access their internet from our RV parked outside.  SCORE!  Even better, I had subscribed to the new Disney Plus streaming service and was able to download a bunch of movies and shows to our various devices.  Olivia had a good time reading books in the library and even did an impromptu story time for the smaller kids.  We spent pretty much the entire afternoon there, just hanging out and doing some schoolwork.  We had dinner right in the library parking lot and after dinner stopped by the White Sands Mall. 

White Sands Mall was small and almost completely deserted.  It was like a scene out of one of those movies where everyone disappeared from the earth and the main characters are wandering around the empty mall that inexplicably still had lights and power but no people.  The only customers we found were around Smiley’s Café at the mall food court.  Despite the name, Smiley’s Café was a small hole in the wall Chinese Buffet. We can’t resist a Chinese buffet and at $7 per person all the time the price was amazing.  A quick look at the food showed a decent variety of Panda Express quality food.  Right then we decided we would have to come back to give it a try.  Escaping the deserted mall, we went back to Boot Hill and turned in for the night.






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