Nov 16, more frustration in El Paso

Nov 16, 2019

When I got up I went to the park office and reported the broken electrical outlet and they pointed to another one I could use temporarily.  I also found out how to get mail and got the shower keys.

The Desert Oasis RV park was full of huge, sharp nettles that could actually damage your shoes.

It was Saturday so the Tax Office was closed but we found a number of Auto registration and title offices that were open so we headed to the closest one.  These turned out to be private businesses that helped people register and title their cars for a fee.  Stood in line and when we got to the front found out that since we were an RV we had to get a certified weight certificate.  Sigh.  OK, I went online and found a certified truck scale 20 minutes away and we drove over there and got weighed.  The truck scale place was close to a public safety office where we would go to get our driver’s license so we went to that. Stand in line.  Found out that first, we had to get our vehicle registered and we needed a bunch of documents including something verifying our social security numbers such as our social security cards.  The Social Security Cards I had stored securely in our Reno Storage facility since it we certainly, positively never need them in another country right? 

Since we were stuck with the driver’s licenses, we then went another registration office close to the public safety office to see if we could try again.  Stand in line again.  This time we were told that we needed printed copies of our insurance paperwork instead of just showing it on our phones and unlike the previous registration office there was no way I could email them to be printed out. 

Sigh, enough for the day.  The auto registration office was in a small strip mall next to a laundromat.  It was lunchtime so perhaps we would have better luck doing laundry and having lunch.  Laundry lunch went OK except we ran out of quarters and I ended up having to cash in a big bill.  After that it was back to the McDonalds to see how we could solve our issues.

We had a few options for verifying our Social Security numbers.  We could have a 1099, a paystub or a W-2 so we went online to see what we could do.  Holly was able to access her old companies’ employee website and was able to download a copy of her old W-2 so she was set.  I checked my paystub but it only had the last 4 digits of my social.  Same with 1099’s.  I was locked out of my company’s employee HR site.  Failure but at least Olivia had fun again at the McDonalds and we got some schooling done.  I took the opportunity of the internet to arrange for our mail to be forwarded to the Desert Oasis and to order some stuff from Amazon.  Eventually we just went back to the RV Park.






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