Nov 17, hanging out in El Paso

Nov 17, 2019

Sunday so not going to get much done, slept in late, had much needed showers and after that back to the McDonald’s where I did schooling with Olivia while Holly got a chance on the internet doing her stuff.  She set up Facebook and Instagram sites for our website.  After that we had lunch in the McDonald’s parking lot.  Around midafternoon we went the Cielo Vista Mall.  Holly had ordered some cosmetics from Macys and had it shipped to the Macy’s at the mall.  It was a pretty standard mall but it did have a play area that Olivia enjoyed.  After hanging out at the mall a bit we went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  We had not had Olive Garden for a couple of weeks now and really enjoyed using our Pasta Passes again.  On the way back to the RV Park we stopped by the movie theater across the street and got tickets for Frozen 2 which was premiering on Thursday night.






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