Nov 18, Total failure

Nov 18, 2019

OK, Monday, I pulled out our printer and printed our car insurance cards and we were definitely going to get the RV registered!  We drove to the closest tax office and were pleasantly surprised that the line was not very long.  Got to the front.  Got application form, check!  Got RV Title, check!  Got, Inspection certificate, check! Got copy of vehicle insurance, check! Got California registration, check! Got our driver’s licenses, check!  What?  You need photographs of the inside and outside of our RV?  What?  You also need a rental agreement to prove Texas residency? DOH!

Well the photographs were easy, took photos, printed them out.  OK, last piece, rental agreement.  I will just call Escapees, our mail service and have them email me a rental agreement.  Fifteen minutes on hold later was able to reach the Escapees customer service rep who told me that vehicles need to be registered in the same county as your address which for Escapees is Livingston Texas, 900 miles away. DOH!  Total flaming failure.  For a strongly Republican, small government state, Texas has more red tape than California. 

OK, not going to be able to do any residency stuff in El Paso. On the bright side I was able to get in contact with my old company’s accounting department and they said they could email me a copy of my W-2. 

Lets try to get some other stuff done.  A piece of plastic under our coach door had broken and I wanted to get it fixed.  Went to an RV repair show where I was told that I would have to go directly to the manufacturer to get a replacement piece of plastic. DOH!  After calling around a bit I found a custom cabinet company.  Some of our cabinet doors opened upwards and we wanted to get some arms to hold the doors open.  After driving 20 minutes and then down a dirt road in a Mad Max type neighborhood we found the cabinet maker and he took a look and said he would need to do some checking and would call me with a quote.

Tired of running around we went back to our refuge at McDonald’s.

Olivia loved the McDonalds Play Area in El Paso






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