Nov 19, RV Spring upgrade!

Nov 19, 2019

We arrived at Stanley Springs promptly at 8:00 in the morning.  And proceeded to wait the basically the whole day for them to install the extra rear leaf spring.  However once it was done the improvement was instantly noticeable.  The rear end was a couple of inches higher and I could see the top of the rear wheels.  When going over speed bumps it no longer continued bouncing for a few seconds.  Turning seemed a bit firmer too since the weight shifted a little bit more to the front.  They said the extra leaf spring would add about 2,000 lbs to our load carrying capacity but since it didn’t increase our GVWR (Maximum gross vehicle weight limit) it helped our handling and drive comfort but does not allow us to actually carry anything more since we were at our maximum limit already.  All in all, for under $900 it was a good upgrade.

The highlight of our day was walking to the nearby Gallegos Mexican Buffet.  We had never seen a Mexican Buffet in the US before and we liked it a lot.  They had a number of dishes beyond a standard taco and burrito including Huevos rancheros, Menudo, pork chops, Ceviche, corn on the cob, Mexican fried chicken, grilled fish, fruit and some Mexica soup.  All for about $12 per adult including drinks.  Not bad.

Gallegos Mexican Buffet in El Paso
They had a good selection of food at Gallegos
more food!
More food

It was late in the afternoon by the time they were done.  Holly wanted a pedicure so we dropped her off at a nail spa place while we went to gas up and check our weight.  I found that fully loaded, with full tanks of gas and water we were 120 lbs above a maximum vehicle weight.  Not too bad and easily remedied by only carrying 2/3rds full tanks of water.  After picking up Holly we had a light dinner and then on the way back to the RV Park we noticed that Frozen2 was coming out in the movie theater across the street from the RV Park so we got some tickets for the opening Thursday night.






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