Nov 20, Taste of El Paso

Nov 20, 2019

Our appointment at the custom cabinet store was not until 11 so we decided to try one more time to get our car registered.  We went to the nearby tax office and this time we were told that we had to have either home ownership or rental agreement paperwork.  Of course we didn’t have this so I called Escapees, where our registered address was.  They told me that we needed to register our vehicle in Livingston, where our address was.  Oh well, I guess that means we are going to drive another 900 miles into Texas and could give up on registering our RV in EL Paso.  I took consolation in idea that this was good practice in patience for when we cross international borders.

After this disappointment we went to the custom cabinet store and proceeded to wait almost all day for them to install new hinges on four of our cabinets, magnets on all of our cabinet doors to help them stay closed and a new shelf.  They charged us $240 for the work which I suppose isn’t bad considering they had two people working about five hours on the cabinets.  It would have gone faster but a couple of cabinets were not cooperating.  Not too big a deal as we just had lunch in the RV while they were working and had a little bit of fun feeding the stray dogs around the shop. 

Finally the Cabinet guys were done and we went to Ross to pick up my Amazon purchases and after that we decided to do something special by going to Cattlemen’s restaurant for dinner.  The cabinet guy recommended the place as one of best restaurants in El Paso and after waiting for two days and blowing over a grand on upgrading the RV we decided that we deserved an expensive dinner.

Cattlemen’s is actually about a 30 minute drive from El Paso on a real working cattle ranch, is highly rated with awards such as “Manliest Steakhouse America” by Men’s Health Magazine and “Best Steakhouse in El Paso” by the local newspapers.  We hadn’t splurged on dinner since Las Vegas and eating a great steak in a working Texas cattle ranch seemed like a good thing to try.

Cattleman Steakhouse, El Paso
They had their meat selections displayed nicely
Manliest Steakhouse!

The steakhouse was very nice, no waiting, good, manly decorations and we even saw a coyote outside the window as we were eating.  Holly ordered the beef and ribs for $28 while I went all out and got the 1 ½ lb porterhouse for $40 while Olivia got the kids beef kabob for $7.  Our meals came with baked beans, bread, pineapple coleslaw and a choice of side with Holly choosing corn on the cob and me the baked potato.

Here we are with our meals!
Holly ordered the beef and ribs.

My T-Bone Porterhouse arrive cooked to perfection and was well seasoned and I must say it was one of the best steaks I have ever had.  I liked it better than the steak at Ruth Chris, which was comparable in price.  Holly’s beef ribs were good as well, although her brisket was just average.  Olivia’s Kabob was just OK and we all agreed that my steak was the big winner.  The Pineapple coleslaw was good too although I was not a big fan of the baked beans.  After dinner we managed to pack in a delicious apple pie ala mode.  All in all a good meal running just about $100.

This was one good steak, cooked and seasoned to perfection.
My steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare






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