Nov 21, Frozen 2!

Nov 21, 2019

Holly had two more places she wanted to eat at in El Paso so we went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch.  It was near the RV park.  Holly and Olivia loved the name and would laugh every time we passed it and since they had a $7 lunch buffet we had to give it a try before leaving.  It turned out to be a bit of a mix of a Mountain Mike’s pizza buffet along with a few games with tickets.  I would say it was pretty good, with a small salad bar and over 10 types of pizza offered in the buffet.  There were even two dessert pizzas that were pretty good, a cinnamon bun type pizza and a strawberry jam pizza.  While we were there a school group came in with over 100 kids and the entire place was instantly overrun with kids.  We stayed a little longer so that Olivia could play a bit with the local kids.

Holly just love the name Peter Piper Pizza
Holly made her own personal multi-pizza
Holly is so creative!
Peter PIper had a small game room too.

After lunch we went to see if we could go to a camera store to get Holly’s camera lens fixed.  The autofocus of her telephoto lens was not working.  Searching the internet we found only one dedicated camera store in El Paso.  Too bad it was a pitiful little store in a rundown part of town who’s proprietors did not speak much English.  The camera store turned out to be a bust.  Next stop was Costco for gas which was spectacularly successful as we scored gas for a new low price of $2.12 a gallon. The Costco was in a small mall so I got some socks at Kohl’s and Olivia did some homework.  After that, we went to a local El Paso institution, Chico’s Taco’s.  When we got there it was pretty full, obviously a popular place. Their specialty was a fried taco which turned out to be just like a flauta or Taquito, smothered to sauce and cheese.  Frankly, it tasted just like a taquito smothered in a rather bland red sauce so we didn’t see the appeal but judging by the crowds of overweight locals we were in the minority.

Chico’s Taco
The famous Chico’s Taquitos, I mean Tacos.

After Chico’s we went to the movie theater to see Frozen 2.  Frozen 2 was a good movie with a number of funny parts and a few tearjerker scenes but I don’t think the music was quite as good as the original. After the movie it was a quick drive across the street back to the RV park.

Olivia at Frozen 2






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