Nov 27, Chilling in Livingston, TX

Nov 27, 2019

Didn’t do much again, just caught up on writing and stopped by the Walmart to pick up some groceries, refilled our propane and for dinner we went to the local Chinese Buffet restaurant which happened to be the only Chinese restaurant in town, the Hunan Chinese restaurant.  It wasn’t bad for under $10 per adult for dinner and $4 for Olivia. 

I find it interesting that in many small towns there is a Chinese restaurant of some sort.  How do these Chinese find such small towns?  Livingston has just over 5,000 people in the middle of Texas and yet there are a few Chinese families running the local Chinese restaurant.  How do the Chinese even find such small towns and how did they get to these towns that probably nobody more than 100 miles away have ever heard of?  How do all these thousands of independently run Chinese restaurants spread throughout the country manage to feature such a consistent menu and atmosphere that McDonald’s would be proud?  If you have ever wondered too check out this podcast:






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