Nov 28, A quiet Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day!  Strangely at our RV park there was a large potluck Thanksgiving lunch rather than dinner.  Each person chipped in $4 and the organizers provided Turkey, gravy and drinks.  Each table had 10 people.  We bought homemade guacamole, chips, stir fried broccoli and dinner rolls.  Others at our table brought pie, fried corn, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a few other goodies.  We quickly realized that not only was Olivia the only child among the over 100 people there but Holly and I were among the very youngest people there.  Guess that makes sense since Escapees is a club for full time RV people and that usually means retired people who are over 60.   In fact, Rainbow’s End has a special section of the park dedicated to members who need assistance doing things.  While the people we met were all very nice we didn’t really click with any of them since they were generally old enough to be our parents.

After lunch there wasn’t much to do since everything was closed and there was nothing to do or anything we wanted to buy anyway.  We are going to get a good rest in as we plan to hit the road for the next couple weeks.  First we are going down to Houston, then Galveston before heading back west a bit to San Antonio and Austin before returning to Livingston to pick up our Title and driver’s licenses.  After that we will make a run for the border and into Mexico!






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