Nov 29, Lazing in Livingston

Nov 29, 2019

Tomorrow we were going to leave Livingston and head down to Houston so we had a few chores to do.  We topped off our propane tank, got filled up the gas for a reasonable $2.12 a gallon and I made a halfhearted attempt to fix the broken plastic molding under our door but it quickly became apparent that the best thing to do was to simply get a replacement part.  Other than that we didn’t really do much, just rested as we were going to be on moving around for the next week or two and the weather was cloudy and rainy.

It was Black Friday but the best store in Livingston was the Walmart and we didn’t have much we wanted to get for Black Friday anyway.  Not like we were going to be able to fit that very cheap 75” flatscreen TV in the RV although for under $1,700 I was tempted.  I remember not too many years ago an 80” flat screen TV cost over $100K.  Perhaps in a few more years the TV’s will just be the size of the house wall.






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