Nov 30, On the road again… a bit.

Nov 30, 2019

Back on road again and we made it about 45 miles down the road.  The weather was still cloudy and rainy so we stopped at the Deerbrook Mall in Humble, TX.  It was 80 degrees with intermittent showers so it was not very pleasant to be in the RV but of course the temperature and humidity in the mall is always great.  Olivia had a good time as always in the mall play area.  Holly got a do a little retail therapy and purchased some new clothes on clearance and got some skincare products that might be hard to get elsewhere.

By the time we left the mall it was getting dark and we drove just a few more miles down the road to a Cracker Barrel where we had dinner.  This was actually the first time we ate at Cracker Barrel and it was pretty decent.  I had the Southern Fried Chicken with was good but I thought the breading was a little thick and Holly had the catfish which was OK.  I think the best part of the meal was the apple pecan pie ala mode which was really delicious.  The best thing about Cracker Barrel is the large, flat RV spaces they have for us to spend the night.

We had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel






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