Dec 5, Worst night ever!

Dec 5, 2019

Woke up to a beautiful, warm morning and since it was so night we decided that it was time to clean Rover the RV.  I washed the outside of Rover while Holly cleaned the inside. Rover had been on the road for a while and while the rain a week ago had helped it was well time to do wash.  We got everything cleaned, sewage dumped, fresh water refilled it was just in time for our 12:00 checkout.

We were so busy getting everything cleaned that we didn’t even have time for lunch.  No problem we just pulled over on the road next to the beach and made lunch.  Love having an RV and even better a small RV that can just park anywhere.  All the comforts of home wherever we happen to be.

We had lunch next to the beach on the Galveston Seawall road.
Cruise ships passing by.

Looking on iOverlander there was what looked like a good free spot near East Beach so we drove out there and took a look.  It seemed like a perfect spot 10 feet from the water, good cell reception, only a few other people around, 15 minutes to downtown Galveston with a concrete pad, trash several trash barrels around and even a porta potty nearby.  It was a sunny, warm day and we could see cruise ships, oil tankers and cargo ships cruise quietly by on their way to far off destinations.

What a great camping spot!

We immediately decided since we found such a good spot we would just stay.  Holly made us lunch, we did some schooling and a few hours later we went for a walk to East Beach which was closed for the season but the large sandy parking lot was still accessible with just five or six cars and one class A RV there.  The entrance booth was deserted so it was free to go in.  We enjoyed wandering round the largely deserted beach and playground for a while before heading back to Rover.

East Beach was deserted but we still had fun!

We got back to Rover as the sun set and we noticed a man had parked his truck nearby and was getting ready to fish.  The mosquitoes had come out with the sunset for dinner so we didn’t think much about it as we hurried into Rover to clean up and get ready for dinner.

As it got dark, the fisherman pulled a small portable generator out of back of his truck and fired it up to run some lights and continued fishing.  The sound of the generator was noticeable but not crazy loud. No worries, we had dinner, did some schoolwork, watched a little downloaded Netflix.  As we got ready for bed around 10 pm, he was still out there, generator still droning on.  He did not leave until well after midnight when another group of people arrived to hang out.  This group talked loudly and generally carried on until almost 4 AM.  At 7AM a bulldozer arrived and started doing maintenance on the road next to us.  It was the worst sleep of our entire trip so far, even worse than staying in a truck stop rest area with the semi-trucks idling their engines all night.  Otherwise it was a great stop though.






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