Dec 7 Rainforest Cafe

Dec 7, 2019

We woke up in the morning to find a family had set up a tent next to us.  Of course Olivia had to go out and play with their kids and fly a kite so we spent the morning just hanging out. 

One morning we awoke to a family camping next to us.
Olivia had fun playing with the kids on a huge sand hill

Then I drove us to the Rainbow Café in search of cheap fun.  For those unfamiliar with Rainforest Café it is a restaurant with lavishly decorated jungle theme including animatronic animals.  The Rainforest Café in Galveston had something special though, an actual ride. Holly decided to pass and spend the afternoon resting in the RV. Cost $6.50 per person and it was Disney style river ride through a wild jungle complete with tigers, elephants, snakes, apes, thunderstorms and Mayan Temple.  Olivia loved it and afterwards we had a snack in the restaurant before heading back to Rover.

Unlike most Rain Forest Cafes this one had a Disney style boat ride.
The ride was loud and pretty good.
Huge snake above Olivia
We got a nice seat right next to a large fish tank
There were even costumed characters walking around

We stopped by a local supermarket to pick up some groceries before going to back to East Beach to park for the night.  After a terrible start, it turns out to be an excellent camping spot and we had another quiet night.

View outside window of our East Beach camping spot in Galveston






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