Dec 8, Sandpiper RV Resort

Dec 8, 2019

After boondocking for a few days it was time to clean up so we went to the Sandpiper RV resort nearby.  This is also an excellent RV Park and at $45 even cheaper than Dellanera.  Closer to the downtown attractions and right next to Stewart’s beach the location was more central but still within easy walking distance to the beach.  Best of all Sandpiper had an infinity pool and hot tub!  First however we went to the beach and Olivia got to play on the sand for a while. There were not many people on the beach but Olivia made a beeline for a family with a couple of kids and immediately dumped her sand toys next to them and started playing with them.

Olivia liked playing at Stewart Beach.
Someone made a nice sand sculpture.

After an hour of that we went to the infinity pool. Although it was December the weather was in the mid 70’s and the unheated pool was cool but not cold while the hot tub was perfect.  We chatted with a couple from South Africa while Olivia played in the pool.  For a change of pace I showered first and made dinner while Holly and Olivia hung out at the pool for a while longer before showering. 

Sandpiper had nice concrete pads.
We enjoyed our time at the Sandpiper RV resort in Galveston
And a nice pool/hot tub area.
And a nice fire pit
Olivia loved swimming in the Infinity Pool at Sandpiper RV Park
Olivia loved the hot tub even more!

One thing about just having a motorhome without a tow car is that once we hook up to electricity, water, and sewer we are reluctant to go anywhere since it would mean we have to unhook and put everything way, a rather time consuming process.  So we just hung out at the RV park and did schoolwork.






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