Dec 10, Rain Day

Dec 10, 2019

It was forecasted to rain all day so and when we got up it was raining and we found that one of our windows was leaking a little as well as the AC unit on the roof.  In addition our furnace was making a continuous clicking sound.  Sigh, of course we would have three problems at once.  We drove to a McDonalds and I went out during a small break in the rain to turn off the furnace.  This is into easy as I had to remove a panel held on by literally 10 screws to get at the unit.  As for the leaking window and AC, it was a small leak so it wasn’t worth taking emergency measures in the rain.

The McDonald’s next to the Space Center had a space themed play area but no kids.

The McDonald’s wasn’t much fun for Olivia since although it had a play area there were no kids.  After lunch we drove to a nearby mall hoping to have more luck there but it turned out that the mall play area was outdoors.  Instead we went to the Lego Store and I bought Olivia a cup of Lego’s as a consolation prize.   There really wasn’t much more to do so eventually we went back to Rover for dinner.  By then the rain had mostly stopped and we went back to the Cracker Barrel for the night.






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