Dec 13, 2019 A new kid in the park.

Dec 13, 2019

We got back to the Rainbow’s End RV park in Livingston and the first thing we did was to pick up our mail.  Our driver’s license, car title and Holly’s lens had arrived so we were all set, except that Holly’s driver’s license listed her eye color as blue instead of brown. We had lunch in Rover at the RV park and miracles of miracles there was a little five year old boy named Josh staying in a trailer nearby.  Of course Olivia had to go over and play with him so.  His parents Richard and Kelly were also new full timer’s having been on the road for just 3 weeks and were headed west. Kelly was still working as a nurse consultant.

Olivia finally found some friends in the RV park!

Between Olivia playing with Josh and me installing a new plastic molding under the coach door it was after 3pm before we left for the Public Safety Office to try to fix Holly’s driver’s license.  Lucky for us it was a simple and quick thing for the staff to simply change the eye color on the computer and we would receive a new license in the mail in two to three weeks. Since Holly had a good driver’s license we were not going to wait and will just have that mail forwarded to us in Mexico.

Next chore was to go to the RV store where I picked up some bytel tape and sealant to fix our leaky window.  While I was there I made an appointment for Monday to do an oil change and inspection of Rover.  I could do the oil change myself much more cheaply but I wanted to have a real mechanic check out the engine and mechanical systems before we went to Mexico.

Our last stop was Hunan Garden for dinner.  For some reason Holly really liked the food there.  We arrived a bit early for dinner so we did some homeschooling while waiting for dinnertime.  Then it was time to head back to Rainbow’s End where we watched a National Geographic documentary on the Apollo missions before going to bed.






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