Dec 14, Livingston Christmas Festival.

Dec 14, 2019

Our main job for the day was to get the leaking window fixed.  Olivia played with Josh and this worked out for us very well as it gave us time to remove and reseal the leaky window.  This took a couple of hours but mostly because this was the first time we had done this and were slow.  It was not technically difficult and if we knew what we were doing could have done it in probably half an hour. 

Removing the window to reseal it!

After fixing the window we had lunch and around 3 we went to downtown Livingston for their Christmas festival.  There was a decent number of vendor booths but we hit the jackpot when we got to the activity area.  There were a couple of bounce houses which Olivia was very happy to see since she had not been in a jump house for a few months.  Even better there was a free petting zoo that had an interesting assortment of animals including a some baby goats, a calf, some turtles, some rabbits, some pigs, and even a couple of Kangaroos and a capybara. We had a great time petting all the various animals and the kagaroo’s fur was super soft.

Livingston Christmas Fair was a lot of fun. It seems to me that small towns have more festival fun.
Olivia was suffering from extreme bounce house deprivation and it was lucky she was able to get her bounce house fix in Livingston
Bounce houses, climbing wall, pony rides, petting zoo, food and candy. Everything you need for Christmas.
The baby Kangaroos were sooo soft.
Olivia loved petting the animals
The Capybara is from South America and is the world’s largest rodent. Truly a ROUS.

Afterwards we went to the Christmas parade which was surprisingly large for a town of just 5,000 people. The parade lasted a good hour and we had dinner in Rover before we headed back to the RV park.

Giant rubber ducks are always fun.
There was a store in Livingston with a very nice miniature train set.

Today was exactly two months from when we started our trip and left Sacramento but we didn’t notice.  Without the rhythm of work the days are starting to blend together.  After all, without work does it matter if it is Monday or Saturday?  Without needing to set your alarm to wake up to go to work one day is pretty much the same as another.  Our rhythm is now more governed by travel days or staying days. Our weeks are noted as we run low on clean clothes and need to do laundry.  Funny it seems like we have been on the road for more than two months although we are still getting used to the idea that we really don’t have to be any particular rush to go anywhere.

Although our international health insurance kicked in a few days ago and is only good for outside the US we don’t have to rush out of the US since everyone is healthy.  Our speed is governed more by if someplace is cheap and fun.






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