Dec 20, Driving in the rain.

Dec 20, 2019

We woke up in the morning to find rain and water dripping from our air conditioning unit. Apparently the shop in Livingston did not do a very good job fixing our leak.  The good news was that we had done a good job fixing the window since that was no longer leaking.  More bad news came when I went into the Walmart only to find that my order had been cancelled and there was no 128 GB $329 ipads available in that store and they tried to sell me a $429 ipad with only 16 GB storage.  Stupid Walmart.  I looked online again and found that the ipad I wanted was available in a Walmart in Rockport about 20 minutes away. 

Since it was raining there was really no point in going to Port Aransas so we might as well make it a chore day and get some stuff done, top on the list was to go to AAA to get Holly an international driver’s permit.  Since I was online looking for ipads I checked to see where the nearest AAA office was, expecting to find one in nearby Corpus Christi.  Nope, none in Corpus Christi.  Turns out the two closest options were Houston, three and half hours northeast back the way we came or San Antonio two and a half hours directly north. Doh!

OK, look on the bright side, its raining anyway but not windy so nothing better to do than drive right?  First stop, we drove 20 minutes to the Walmart in Rockport where I purchased the replacement ipad.  At first the clerk couldn’t find it but eventually a manager was able to find them and I was able to get a new 128 GB ipad for $329 excluding tax.  Expensive day already.

Then we filled up on gas, another $65 and drove to San Antonio getting to the AAA office by 2 where Holly was able to get her international driver’s permit for $28 including pictures.  The permits are only good for a year, not sure what we are going to do a year from now.  It was not raining anymore but still sort of drizzling so we went to a McDonalds and Olivia got to play while I set up and synced the new ipad and then re-downloaded all the Netflix and Disney movies.  It was nice that the ipad storage went from 16 GB to 128 GB, I can download a ton of stuff now. 

Holly made dinner in the RV and we just ate parked next to the McDonalds.  Funny thing is that we have not actually eaten a full meal at McDonald’s since we left Sacramento.  I do order something every time we go to McDonalds and have eaten ice cream, pies, McFlurries and plenty of large ice tea’s and I think one happy meal but haven’t eaten any burgers there.  After that we went to our old standby Cracker Barrel for the night.






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