Dec 21, Another Driving Day

Dec 21, 2019

Woke up to a bright and sunny day. We had been to San Antonio before so we didn’t need to see the Alamo again but we did like the Riverwalk and it is free so thought it would be nice to go there for lunch or something.  Before going to the Riverwalk, we got gas and did some shopping first.  We got gas, then went to Advanced Auto Parts where I blew $350 on stuff for Rover.  I wanted to stock up on specific parts that first, were specific to our model of vehicle and might be hard to find in Mexico and second, were reasonably small.  I got some fuses, oil, oil filter, air filter, belt, spark plugs, some light bulbs, new windshield wiper blades, etc. Next we went to Bed Bath and Beyond where Holly bought a new lightweight scale, and some other stuff.

We had lunch in the parking lot before driving to the Riverwalk.  However, parking proved impossible to find.  We drove around and found parking lot with plenty of space a little walk away but it was $20 for 4 hours or $25 for 12 hours and even worse they had a special RV rate of $100.  We like the Riverwalk but not that much so we decided to head straight for McAllen where we planned to cross the border to Mexico.

Four hours later we arrived in McAllen. For a change of pace, Holly drove the last two hours while I did schoolwork with Olivia. We stopped at a Bealls to pick up some Amazon packages and then decided to go out to eat since we were all tired from travelling.  We went to a Lin’s a Chinese buffet restaurant.  At $13 per adult and $8 for Olivia it was one of the more expensive Chinese buffet’s we have been to on this trip but it was decorated much nicer than the cheaper places and had a few options such as sushi and Mongolian BBQ items that set it apart.  We especially liked the baked salmon and the pork ribs.  The baked salmon was seasoned well with no fishy smell and still tender and juicy, probably one of the best baked salmon’s I have ever had at a Chinese buffet. They also had extra large baked mussels although not baked oysters.

Extra full we went to the nearest Walmart and crashed for the night in their parking lot.






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