Dec 25, Christmas Day

Dec 25, 2019

Olivia woke up to a pair of those really dangerous shoes with the wheels on the heels and she loved it.  Olivia insisted on trying out the shoes immediately and we practiced with them until lunchtime.  After lunch I sent Holly and Olivia off to the pool while I took a look for the water leak in the air conditioner.  I took off the panels but everything looked good.  Then I poured several buckets of water onto the roof and everything was still dry.  After a couple hours of looking, I still couldn’t find the leak and I gave up.  Guess I will just have to look next time it rains.

I went to the pool to relieve Holly who took the opportunity to have a quiet shower and went back to Rover to make our dish for the pot luck.  There was no one else in the pool so I played with Olivia for another hour before showering the both of us and returning to the RV.  The people staying at Breeze Lake were all very friendly and one even offered to help look at the AC but there really wasn’t anything he could do that I wasn’t already doing.

Dinnertime came around and we went to the activity hall to find it full of people and the tables filling up with food.  We sat with a two Canadian couples who were very nice and one of the ladies was a retired kindergarten teacher.  Unfortunately, once again we were one of the youngest people attending and there were no other kids at the dinner.   Regardless we still had a good time chatting until well after everyone else had left for the evening.  Even Olivia had fun since one of the other guests, Ted was a really good sport and let Olivia do whatever she wanted to him.

Breeze Lake provided turkey, ham, mashed potatoes.
While everyone else brought side dishes and yummy desserts like these!
Olivia loved to play with Ted, one of the other guests who pretty much allowed Olivia to do whatever she wanted to him.






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