Dec 30, Arriving at San Miguel de Allende

Dec 30, 2019

I looked up Real de Catorce and while it looked interesting it seemed that it would not be advisable to take our RV there since there was just a gravel road.  We could take a bus for 1 hour each way but it just seemed like it was a lot of hassle to go walking around a mostly abandoned town for a couple hours. We decided to head on the San Miguel de Allende. 

San Miguel de Allende was voted “Best City in the World” twice in the row by Travel + Leisure Magazine, “Best Small City in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler magazine and is a Unesco World Heritage site.  In addition to being a tourist destination there is a large western expat community there and is well known for being a good place to learn Spanish due to its many language schools.  Its wonderful climate with sunny temperatures in the mid 70’s throughout New Year’s really sealed the deal for us.

We continued our drive and stopped for lunch at a very nice gas station that had a Subway sandwich where I got us some foot longs for lunch at about the same price as the US.  We were going to be in Mexico for months and Latin America for possibly years so I did not feel bad about passing up Mexican food for Subway.  We would have plenty of time for burritos, enchiladas, tacos and mole.  One big difference I noticed in Mexico was that we had not seen a single McDonalds since Monterrey.  Saw a Burger King and the Subway but no McDonalds.

We reached the outskirts of San Miguel by late afternoon and pulled into the San Ramon Hotel and RV park, literally the only real RV park near the city.  It turned out to be pretty nice, clean with full hook ups and pool with warm water and we paid 400 pesos a night for 2 nights.   We had been advised not to try to take Rover into San Miguel itself since it was a colonial city with very narrow roads and jarring cobblestone streets.  However, it would only be a 15 minute public bus ride into the city so no problem.

The Entrance to the Hotel San Ramon
Our camping spot at the Hotel San Ramon was nice.

We parked and as it was sunny and warm and the pool water was warm too we took a brief swim before showering and having dinner.   Then schoolwork and bedtime.

The pools at San Ramon were always warm. Nothing like a nice swim in the middle of winter!






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