Jan 4, Trolley Tour of San Miguel

January 4, 2020

I set an alarm at 7 AM to make sure we got to the tour on time.  Of course a bus showed up almost as soon as we got out of the hotel and we were in town by 8:15 AM.  Murphy’s law, if you cut things close everything will be slow to make you late. If you have plenty of time everything arrives fast and you arrive way early.  With an hour to kill we saw a nearby café called Chocolate and Churros that we had seen on previous occasions always with long lines out the door.  However at 8:30 in the morning there was no line and plenty of seats so we went over.  They had some decent breakfasts but their specialty was flavored freshly made  churros.  They had a plain churro for 5 pesos and flavored churros for 20 pesos.  We chose a strawberry churro and a chocolate churro.  While the churros were delicious it turns out that the flavored churro was just a regular churro with chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce on top.  I was kind of disappointed that for four times the price all they did was drizzle sauce on top.  For four times the price I was expecting either flavored or filled churros. It still was a good churro mind you, just not four times as good.

The freshly made Churros were delicious!
We tried the strawberry and chocolate Churros. They had other flavors such as caramel as well.

After the snack we waited a while more until it was time for our motor trolley tour.  There was only one other person on the bus and we drove around San Miguel.  We had hoped for some information about the city but the sound system was poor and for some reason even though this was the English tour the guide repeated everything in Spanish so we only got a little information.  The tour did stop at a very nice overlook on the hill above town where I found out that the only other person on the tour was from Houston.  We got some good use from the DJI Osmo gimbal which kept the videos we shot buttery smooth even from the bouncy bus.

There were only four people on the trolley tour so we could sit anywhere we wanted.
We sat in the front, we sat in the back, we sat everywhere. Benefits of travelling off season

Fifteen seconds after we got off the bus and it left Holly realized she had forgotten her jacket on the bus.  She chased after it but could not catch the bus.  She returned tired and winded but was able to get another employee to call the driver and they would return later to drop off the jacket.  In the meantime we tried to visit another language school but it was closed.

Instead we found a small restaurant selling braised beef ribs and other parts.  It was a family restaurant and the owner was very nice, offering Holly a free sample.  We got a large plate of beef ribs, shoulder and liver along with tortillas. Lunch came out to 180 pesos but it was a decent price since it was a pretty big plate of meat.

After lunch we decided to go back to Rover, passing through another artist’s street along the way.  I wanted to troubleshoot why we weren’t getting power from the RV park plug but first, a nap. A couple of hours later I figured out that one of the breakers in the back had flipped off and simple flip of a switch and everything was working again.  After that I worked on the blog for the rest of the evening.

There are many artist streets in San Miguel
Several streets had little flags over the street just like in Coco.






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