Jan 6, Rise of the Churro Sunday!

Jan 6, 2020

It turns out that like Christmas day itself, there isn’t really much happening on Three Kings Day itself.  It seems that kids leave shoes out to get candy and get some gifts, no parade, no actual festival.  Oh well.  We still went into town, this time to check out another language school, this time the Liceo de la Lengua language school.  This school charged adults $55 a week or $200 a month for five hour’s a week instruction.  They also had a kids program for $100 a week for 10 hours instruction.  They had a maximum of five students per class, classes started every Monday and they were flexible on what time the classes ran.  This place sounded a lot better than the other two schools we had looked at.  It was much cheaper, more flexible and had a kids program.  Perfect. We told Claudia the lady helping us that we would think about it and get back to her.

We returned to Churros and Chocolates where we tried their Churro Sunday which was totally yummy.  It reminded me of Olaf the snowman from Frozen.  The hot of the churro and the cold of the ice cream, both so intense it just makes sense.  From there we went to the library again where Olivia read some books in English before studying in Chinese. 

The Churro Sunday at Chocolate and Churros was delicious!

It was late afternoon when we got out of the library and I wanted to go back to Liverpool Mall to see the last Star War’s movie, episode 9 which had 6 PM showing in English. We hopped on a bus and went to Liverpool mall which was a typical small outdoor mall.  The movie tickets came out to 154 pesos for all three of us which was a steal since the movie theater was modern and clean, no different than a standard multiplex in the US, except the tickets costs us less than $8 for all three of us.  The movie itself was good and I was impressed that Olivia was able to sit through the whole thing considering this is the first Star Wars movie she had ever seen and she had absolutely no idea of the backstory.

The Liverpool Mall was a pretty standard small outdoor mall.
Another view of the mall

We got out of the movie a bit after 8 PM to find many of the stores closing and nothing to eat.  I tried to get an Uber but there are very few Uber drivers in San Miguel so Uber was hit or miss.  Since the busses stop running at 9 and we had no idea when the next bus might come it was not an ideal solution.  As we stood in the mall parking lot trying to get an Uber a man in a plain white car drove by and asked if we needed a taxi.  Normally I would be very wary of a getting into a random car in the middle of the night but the road back to the hotel was straightforward and I knew how to get back.  I would know immediately if he tried any funny business.  He initially asked for 150 pesos but we settled on 100 pesos when I showed him the Uber App with a 84 peso price.  I didn’t mind paying an extra dollar for the convenience of not having to wait.  Anyway everything went well although I watched him alike a hawk the whole ride and we got back to Rover safely.






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