Jan 7, We find a Language School

January 7, 2020

We lazed the morning away in Rover, sleeping late, doing schoolwork and having lunch.  Holly decided to get creative and made some sandwiches with a cute veggie plate.  After that we went into town and returned to the Liceo de la Lengua school.  We signed up for a week and when I asked for a discount since we were signing up three people at once they gave me a 15% discount.  I have a good feeling about the school and if we like the first week we will likely sign up for a month.  We really need to get some Spanish under our belts.

We signed up at the Liceo de La Lengua Spanish School

Necessities done, walked around a bit and we went to Olivia’s favorite Juárez Park before heading back to Rover to relax some more.






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