Jan 8, Laundry day.

January 8, 2020

Today we decided to make it a stay at home day.  We really didn’t do much, just slept late, caught up a bit with schooling and did some cleaning.  We were going to try to find a laundromat but decided to give the hotel laundry a try.  They charged 65 pesos per kilo to wash and fold clothes so I gave them a bag of our lighter, smaller items while Holly hand washed the rest in the sink.  I had purchased a nice clothes drying rack before we left Sacramento and it was still new and unused in its packaging.  Having carried it around for 2,000 miles we finally got to try it out and Holly liked it a lot.

We had carried this clothes rack for 2,000 miles before we finally used it. It is a very good clothes rack though.






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