Jan 12, 13. Starting Spanish School!

Jan 12, 2020

We will be starting Spanish class tomorrow so we did another home day.  We stayed around the RV all day although the weather was great so we set out our chairs and table to have an impromptu ice cream picnic.  Holly had purchased some expensive Hagen Das ice cream and it was perfect for the warm January afternoon.  Other than that we didn’t do much other than a bunch of Chinese schoolwork for Olivia. 

I set an alarm for 7:45 AM the next morning although we didn’t get to sleep until almost 1 AM as Holly had to catch up on her writing.

Jan 13, 2020

Despite going to sleep late the night before we all managed to get up when the alarm rang.  Our class began at 10 AM and the bus only takes 15 minutes to get to town but since the bus sometimes arrives quickly and sometimes takes a long time to arrive we were at the bus stop at 9:00 AM.  As luck would have it the bus arrived within 5 minutes and we got to town by 9:20.  The school is less than a 5 minute walk from where the bus drops us off so we went to a nearby bakery to pick up some breakfast. We got some Mexican pastries and went to the school to eat.

Olivia’s class was from 10-12 while our class was from 10-11AM.  Olivia was the only student in her class so she had in effect a private tutor.  There was only one other student in our class and our instructor’s name was Amanza.  The first lesson was the names of fruits and vegetables.  Amanza brought out a basket of plastic fruits and vegetables and went through the names along with going over the masculine and feminine forms of “the”.   Olivia apparently did a lot of coloring of fruit pictures.

The school is small but nice.
Unlike other language schools this one had a dedicated kids classes.

We finished our class before Olivia so we went back to the Carnitas Apolo XI where we got the braised pork on Jan 4 and spent 310 pesos on more ribs, tongue, liver and pork skin.  We got it to go and returned to the school to pick up Olivia before going back to the Hotel San Ramon to have lunch.  It was another beautiful day so we decided to go eat by the pool, which we were disappointed to discover had been drained of water.  No problems, we still had a nice picnic on the benches on the lawn while we watched some people set up some bounce houses, cleaned them before collapsing them again.

After lunch it Holly did Chinese schooling with Olivia while I had a nap, then I taught Olivia English, then Holly and I studied Spanish before Olivia got more Chinese and we wall went to bed.






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