Jan 19, Meeting Deya and Ramses

January 19, 2020

Saturday was pretty uneventful.  After homeschooling in the morning I took Olivia into town to the park while Holly had a bit of me time.  Holly had been in touch with Deya, the lady we had met at the Montessori school and arranged to meet her at the Pollo Feliz on Sunday.  Deya was a very nice woman who used to be the COO of an international company based in Mexico City but had moved with her husband and kids to San Miguel.  She said that Mexico City was just too overpopulated, busy, polluted and unsafe so they left.    Deya brought her daughter Valentina and son Ramses Jr. for Olivia to play with.

Olivia and Valentina shared a strawberry cheesecake.

A little while later Deya’s husband, Ramses joined us.  It turns out that he was a professional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Unfortunately he did not speak Chinese and only a little bit of English.  We had a wide ranging discussion about Chinese medicine, mostly with poor Deya translating between Ramses and Holly. Ramses’ twist on Chinese medicine was fusing acupuncture with stem cells.  He claimed that by eating or injecting stem cells along with administering acupuncture he could help with everything from poor digestion to re-growing brain cells caused by being shot in the head. 

The kids had a great time playing of course and we left around 5 to hit the La Comer Supermarket for groceries before heading back to the RV for dinner.

Pasta is another favorite meal of ours.






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