Jan 21, Another Day, Another Parade.

January 21, 2020

Holly went for a walk around town with Deya so after school it was just Olivia and me.  Olivia wanted pizza pointing out that she had not had pizza in a very long time.  However we got distracted by the sound of music and drums.  We went up the street to find that there was a parade passing by.  What the parade was for, we didn’t know but we watched school children, fire trucks, soldiers and some armed hummer vehicles drive by along with a couple of marching bands.

After the parade we went to Gambino’s Pizza an somewhat fancy pizza restaurant and ordered a pizza just for the two of us.  A medium, ham, chorizo and salami pizza was a bit expensive at 215 peso’s or about US$11.  It was a very thin crust and the chorizo made for a uniquely Mexican taste but it wasn’t bad although I would still prefer a regular crust supreme. 

Many of the small entrances in San Miguel lead to large, well decorated stores and restaurants.
Like many of the restaurants in San Miguel, Gamibinos was well decorated in an upscale fashion. Most Mexicans take a late lunch at 3:00 pm so the place was deserted at 12:30 PM.
The Pizza at Gambinos was not the best but you take what you can get.

After lunch, Holly was still walking with Deya so we went back to the RV first where I cooked dinner for a change.  I made us some ribeye steaks smothered in onions and mushrooms along with green beans.   After dinner we packed up as we were going to move to the San Miguel RV park tomorrow after school.






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