January 23, Bubble Tea in Mexico? YES!

January 23, 2020

This was our first trip to school from our new RV park and we just walked to school.  20 minute walk to school 20 minute walk back meant that we would get at least 40 minutes of exercise a day.  Liking the new place already, cheaper, more central and we get more exercise.

I had an urge for a bubble tea so after school I checked in Google and sure enough there were not one but two bubble tea places in San Miguel.  The first one we went to was closed and when I followed the Google maps to the second one I found myself outside a clothing store.  After looking around in confusion we went into the clothing store to find a doorway in the back that led to more stores and an entire upscale food court.  I mean it was a seriously fancy food court with Nordstrom quality food stands, nice tables and a bright airy seating areas.  We had literally walked past the clothing store outside dozens of times, never realizing there was a small shopping and eating area inside.

The food court was seriously high end.

There I found Tapioca, the bubble tea store.  They had a lot of options but I couldn’t figure out how to get a standard bubble milk tea so ordered a Chai bubble milk tea.  It was different, extra milky with a hint of cinnamon.  I liked it but Holly and Olivia didn’t.  Since it was such a nice food court Holly took the opportunity to do Chinese schooling with Olivia while I enjoyed my bubble tea.  After that we went back to our new RV park to do some English homeschooling before dinner.

It was a really nice place. The bubble tea place is on the left.
In a first for me, they made bubble tea using steamed milk.

Unlike the Hotel San Ramon, there were people staying in a number of other campers, including an American couple, a Canadian couple and a German couple.  They were all very friendly.  Ralph and Patty were a retired couple from Michigan who had been coming down to Mexico for years and were a fount of good information about Mexico. One of the best tips was to go to the nearby copy store and have color laminated copies of our US driver’s licenses made.  It seems that the Police in Mexico and other Latin American countries like to keep your driver’s licenses if they pull you over so you should avoid giving them your real licenses.  Ralph also said that there was place nearby that could make copies of your vehicle license plates.  It seems that if you park illegally the police like to confiscate your license plates to make you go pay the parking ticket plus there are rumors of some people stealing foreign license plates to collect.






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