Jan 27, A Typical Day.

January 27, 2020

Today was a school day so we didn’t do much special other than our normal routine of going to school.  I went back to the Hotel San Ramon to check on the mail we had sent from our Texas mailing service on Jan 8 but it had still not arrived yet.  Tracking showed the last entry at having arrived in Mexico City on Jan 15.  Not looking good.

After school we went to a local restaurant called Tortillas Harina for lunch.  They had a good deal of 4 tacos and a soda for 55 pesos ($3).  Unlike many taco places in San Miguel they had flour tortillas instead of corn.  I like flour tortillas better since I feel that corn tortillas tend to crumble and are not as soft. 

The Tortillas de Harina restaurant near our school had a good lunch deal of 4 tacos and a soda for 55 pesos or about US$2.50
Unlike most taco places in San Miguel they used freshly made flour tortillas instead of corn.

After lunch I took Olivia to the park while Holly went back to the RV.  When we got back to the RV park we ran into the tennis instructor who informed me that he was willing to give Olivia tennis lessons for 100 pesos per hour, with each lesson being a half hour.  SOLD!  I gave him 200 pesos on the spot for four lessons.  At just over US$2.60 for a half hour lesson it was a no brainer and a huge discount over the 300 pesos per hour he normally charges adults.  After we got back to the RV it was my turn to take a siesta nap while Holly did Chinese homeschooling.

We had a light dinner and around 10 pm I got hungry so I went out to the Irish Pub a two blocks away where they had a chicken wing special of 4.9 pesos (US$0.26)per wing with a choice of 19 different sauces.  Couldn’t turn that down and they turned out to be delicious.  I ended up devouring 18 wings  and ended up spending almost US$5 after tip.  They have an all you can eat wings for 89 pesos on Wednesdays and I will definitely return another day.

The local Irish pub had chicken wings, bone in and boneless for 4.9 pesos each. Less than a quarter per wing and they were delicious.






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