Jan 28, Olivia’s First Tennis Lesson

January 28, 2020

It was another standard day, going to school, had lunch at school then back home for Chinese language lessons for Olivia.  While they were doing lessons I chatted with one of our neighbors who was from Switzerland and had driven their motorhome through South America.  He had a lot of advice with warnings about the high altitude at which many of the famous sights in South America were located.  He also told us that it was best to ship our vehicle to Europe from Uruguay instead of Brazil since the paperwork was much easier.

All too soon it was time for Olivia’s first tennis lesson and she enjoyed it immensely.  The teacher was very patient with her, showing her how to hold the racket, what stance to take and patiently tossing her ball after ball to try to hit.  Olivia returned telling everyone about how she managed to hit a ball over the net on her first lesson.  Holly made a fancy dinner for us of ribs, bacon and broccolini.

Olivias first tennis lesson!
Olivia loved learning tennis and her tennis instructor was great.
Bacon, ribs and brocollini. YUM!






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