Feb 1 & 2, A Quiet Weekend

Feb 1, 2020

Today we met our first official Youtubers.  Kara and Jason have the Youtube channel Everlanders and had a beefy military looking custom built rig.  We didn’t get to talk with them much as they just arrived and wasn’t out much. 

We met our first Youtubers from Everlanders.

Instead Olivia and I went to Burger King for lunch while Holly got a little me time in the RV since she had an unsettled stomach. The Burger King was pretty much a standard Burger King like in the US with a little play area.  The play area at the Pollo Feliz was much better but I wanted to go somewhere new and not just get roast chicken every week.  Plus I felt like getting a Whopper.  There were not too many people there but Olivia managed to find some English speaking kids to play with.  Good thing Olivia is not shy and will just go up to other kids and start talking.

We got back we found that the RV park’s grand daughter Sophia was visiting.  They live in another part of town but was visiting for the weekend.  Olivia and Sophia immediately hit it off even though Sophia was only 3.  She even joined Olivia for her tennis lesson.

Feb 2, 2020

The weather was clouding and cool so when Sophia came over with her mom we decided go to a nearby cake store that had a small play area upstairs.  Sophia’s mom didn’t speak any English but Sophia and Olivia had a good time playing and eating cake.

The cake shop near our house had a little play area upstairs perfect for toddlers.
Olivia still had a great time even though none of the other kids spoke English

After coming back for lunch I set up my Oculus Rift Virtual Reality rig.  Olivia and I both had fun playing some games.  Olivia particularly liked the Coco game which is a very good game completely immersing you into the land of the dead from Coco.  All in all it was a pretty relaxing and quiet weekend.

Olivia loves playing in Virtual Reality and she quickly got used to using the controllers even though her hands are still a little small.
VR is a great thing to have on the road because even though we have a small house we always have a large front yard!






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