Feb 3, Mamma Mu

Feb 3, 2020

For a change of pace we stopped by a restaurant for breakfast on the way to school.  Olivia got pancakes which came with freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee for 70 pesos while Holly ordered fried eggs and refried beans for 60 pesos.  Olivia got three large, fluffy pancakes with chocolate sauce. The food was pretty good and at 130 pesos or US$6.50 was a really good deal as it would have easily cost two to three times as much in the US.  Generally I have found the restaurant food in Mexico cheaper and better quality and in the US.  It is easy to eat out reasonably as long as you avoid the fancy rooftop places.  The exception to this are drinks which generally run close to American prices.

Pancakes, coffee, juice and toast for 75 pesos or US$3.50. Can’t beat that!

After class we felt like going to a good buffet and after dropping off our bags at home we walked a couple blocks up the street to Mamma Mu.  They had an all you can eat buffet for 249 pesos  (US$12.50) per person and as a bonus Olivia was free.  There was even a children’s play area.  Mamma Mu had a small but nice cold and warm buffet with salad, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob, French fries, grilled vegetables and fresh fruit.

The restaurant even had a cute play area for the kids.
The buffet had a good selection of cold foods including veggies and fruit.
There was also a small but nice selection of hot foods.
Olivia particularly enjoyed the mac and cheese. She went back for thirds.

The star of the restaurant was the meats.  Served on a hot plate we got a mixed plate of steak, sausage, chorizo, and pork chops along with grilled onions and peppers.  The meats were delicious, freshly grilled and well-seasoned.  I particularly liked the steak and got five refills of the steak.  For the same price as Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral we got a much better meal.  If you are ever in San Miguel, I would recommend you give Mamma Mu a try.

The meats are all freshly grilled over charcoal before being brought to your table.
We had a great lunch at Mamma Mu restaurant.
First they bring you out a platter of various meats to try and then you can order more of whatever you want. All served on your personal hot plate.

We arrived at the restaurant at 2:00 PM and didn’t leave until 5:00 PM.  This meant that we didn’t even need to eat dinner that night.  Since the tennis courts were wet Olivia didn’t get a tennis lesson.






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