Feb 4 & 5, Rainy day fun.

Feb 4, 2020

The weather continued to be cool and cloudy with occasional rain.  On the way to school we stopped by a fancy bakery and got a fruit tart and a cinnamon roll.  This came out to 95 pesos which illustrates my point that you can spend a little or a lot since just the day before we only spent 130 pesos for pancakes, fried eggs, beans, fresh orange juice and coffee.

After school we took an Uber home for 34 pesos since it was drizzling.  After using Uber for the last month I have changed my mind and found it to be actually fairly decent and very cheap.  Generally we can take an Uber for the cost of a bus ride in the US.  After we got home I did English homeschooling with Oliva while Holly walked to the La Comer Supermarket to get groceries.  Holly was even able to find some tofu and made one of our favorite dishes for dinner, tofu with ground pork.  It was raining off and on so we didn’t do much and Olivia was not able to go to her tennis lessons again.

You can get almost anything you want at the large grocery stores in San Miguel.
Dinner of tofu with sausage and steamed veggies.

Feb 5, 2020

For dinner we decided to go to Murphy’s Irish Pub.  They had an all you can eat boneless chicken special for just 89 pesos on Wednesday nights and I had been meaning to return to try it.  I really wanted to try more of the 19 different flavors including mango , habanero, lemon pepper, honey mustard, honey mango, BBQ, etc.  We got to the restaurant and it was not that busy so we were able to get a seat immediately.  Unlike Mamma Mu they wanted to charge full price for Olivia but since it was only US$4.50 who cares?  I ordered three unlimited chickens and got 10 pieces for each of us with two flavors per person. 

McCarthys Irish Pub
Looks like an Irish Pub to me.

It is a good thing that Olivia eats as much as Holly can.  Altogether we ate 100 pieces of chicken and certainly got our money’s worth.






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