Feb 6, Surprise concert.

Feb 6, 2020

Today it was finally good weather so after school I took Olivia to the park while Holly cooked dinner.  When we arrived at the park though there were no other people there.  As we sat down to wait for some people though we heard the sound of music coming from the street.  To our surprise there was a Mariachi band walking down the street with a giant bride and groom dancing along.

There is always something going on in San Miguel. It is not unusual to run into a surprise Mariachi parade while walking along the street.

We followed along the tiny parade and they stopped outside the nearby Rosewood Hotel and started performing a Mexican singing and music show.   I asked around and it seems that they were hired by some company for some sort of conference although I don’t know who exactly they were performing for since there was only about 15 people around, mostly passerby’s.  Still it was a nice little show and I figured it counted as Olivia’s cultural lesson for the day.  The cool thing about San Miguel is that there is always something going on.

The Parade stopped nearby and there was a song and dance performance
I figured that the performance counted as a social studies lesson for Olivia.

Afterwards we returned to the park to find that there were several kids there and we stayed until Holly texted me that dinner was ready.  We returned to find that Holly had made stewed pig trotters over beans.  Yummy!

Holly made a delicious dinner of ham hocks and bean stew.






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